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CURIOUS Magazine | Celebrations, Vol. 4

Screenshot 2022-01-18 at 13-37-10 Gallery ( twiggyartdotcom) • Instagram photos and videos

January 22, 2021 [ Winter Issue]

CURIOUS | Vol.3 No.2 | BIPOC | Print Edition












February 27, 2020

Art after Dark Chicago x Ever Evolved 

Foreign Exchange Interview 

Publication: Que4Radio

Radio Host: Northside Plugged 

August 23rd, 2019

Art after Dark Chicago | Euphoria



February 23rd, 2018

Art after Dark Wien | She. Art Radio Spot

Publication: FM4 Radio 

Radio Host: @diezuckerlkettenfrau

June. 19, 2017

Diese Frauen veranstalten in Wien und ihr solltet sie kennen

Author of Publication: Fredi Ferkova

Publication: NOISEY | VICE (MEDIA)



June. 2, 2015

Art After Dark: so much more than just art

Author of Publication: Julia Shropshire 


Sept. 9, 2015

Students host art Festival

Author of Publication: Jesse Alexander

Publication: Webster Vienna Private University


Jan. 2015 

Sights, sounds and a good time for all in funky ottakring.

Author of Publication: Silje Robertson

Publication: The Loop
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