When painting Candice prefers using the acrylic medium, but also enjoy using ink and watercolors.


She truly lives her thoughts by pouring my soul onto a canvas and has been doing so since the age of five.


Candice was born in St. Louis, Missouri but moved at a young age to The "Windy City", Chicago, Illinois  where she was raised and grew up the majority of her life. As she got older her ability to take in and absorb the diverse and forever growing art scene both in Chicago and overseas as a student inspired her in having a very diverse outlook on art and culture. She began creating and painting, never lacking in her complex pieces ranging from the oil based “Viejo” translation from Spanish to English meaning "get old"  to the acrylic based” which was sold two weeks after painting. 

Candice wants to be able to express her ability for insinuating the vanishing of color by the use of death tones as classified by many (Browns, Blacks and Grays) in a single piece showing how truly amazing it looks to the eye. Her inspiration comes from all forms of art in genres of art, photography, film, and design. Her love of artwork comes from greats like Pablo Picasso, Augusta Savage, Kara Walker, Jess Jumanji, Gustav Klimt, Frida Kahlo, Edouard Manet, Salvador Dali, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ida Harris, Matt Groening to name a few. Candice is inspired by many modern day artists and creatives alike.


As an artist she continue to provide original artworks to clients that can be interpreted and analyzed to what one feels, never limiting it's capacity to inspire the viewer. ​She continues to grow and further contribute her talents and skills through painting, designing, photography, filming and recording. 

To purchase any of these paintings please feel free to contact me!

Death to Money
FKA Twigs
Elaysia Lea
Malcolm X
Queen Beauty
Picasso's Glance
Pussy Cat - Her Body
Logic or Keith Haring
J. Cole World
Basquiat's Portrait
Channeling Woes
Breona Taylor - Say Her Name
John Lewis
Jean Micheal Basquiat - The Great Escape
Eye For Creatitity
Black Beauty
Killer Clowns
salty sweet
Picasso's Insight.
freckled Faced
2pac Thug Life
Virgin Mary
Kid Cudi | Dreams and Nightmares
James Dean Forever.
Wilhelm Duke
ELLE | Yes, Black Lives Still Matter
Girl Dreamer.
Blondie & a Rose.
FKA. Twigs.
Bearded Man.
Tangled Love.
Jean-Michel Basquiat.
Indigo Beer.
Cat Lady.
Eyes of The Universe.
Twiggy 1960's.
Cara Delevingne
Betty Page.
The Bouquet.
Boy and Bird.
Man with the straw hat.
House Wife.
The man and the cigerette.
The birdcage.
Mind Fuck.
Gaspard Ulliel.
Ideal Beauty.
Andy Warhol | Dear Andy.
Marilyn Monroe.
African Mother and Child.
La En Vie Rose.
Self Portrait | Painting.
In Bloom.
Jimmi Hendrix.